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"Stories frame our 

existence. They tie us to 

our ancestors and to one 

another. They help us find 

our place in this world."               

 ~Darlene Franklin-Campbell


Sandra Kring (Random House author of Book of Bright Ideas, Carry Me Home, How High the Moon) says, of Campbell's work: 

"This is Southern fiction as its finest."


 Jay Parini,(The Art of Subtraction: New and Selected Poems, The Last Station, and Robert Frost: A Life.) describes Campbell's poetry, 

"This is a poet with a deep sense of not only nature but spirit....she brings rich native tradition into play here, in language that is strict and pure...I hear a profound religious note in these poems that moves beyond dogma into a kind of universal religion, with religion as a kind of re-legio, in the root sense of that word: a linking back to an earlier time, a world of pure nature...this poet understands the relationship -- almost an occult relationship -- between word and thing. The poetry rises to a high level, and this level is sustained through the collection."


 Darlene is available to do book signings and to speak at book clubs and other events. She loves to get letters from her readers and enjoys your emails. Please feel free to email her at



 Speaking Engagements

Darlene Franklin-Campbell is available for readings, workshops, lectures, etc.  She usually books at least three months in advance.  If you would like to have Darlene speak at your event, please include the following information in your email
1.       How long would Darlene need to speak?
2.       If not a reading, what specific topic do you wish her to discuss?
3.       How many people will be in attendance?

4.       What type of honorarium is being offered?


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