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I don't know of a single family that hasn't been touched by it. If humanity has a common enemy, this is it.


 In March of 2011, my dad left this world during a battle with cancer. He left this legacy, "Love one another." He also wanted me to give the proceeds of my book to help others in their fights against cancer. He lived what he believed. He gave of himself and sought the highest good for others. My dad knew what it meant to live unselfishly and everyone who met him was touched by his generosity.


I hope that in some small way, through my writing, I can continue shining his light in this world and continue carrying his message that everyone has value and every one of us, we have a story to tell.


 It is my wish that when you read my books [yes, there are more in the works] you will be entertained, but more importantly, you will feel a connection and realize that my dad was right. We're all in this together and the load is lighter when we help each other carry it. Despite the heartaches that may come our way, love will always find a way to be heard.





 All author royalties from I Listened, Momma are being donated to aid in the fight against cancer.