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 William H. Franklin [Darlene's dad]...April 28, 1939-March 31, 2011.


"I love my dad. He was the bravest soul ever. He never gave in to cancer and fought it like the warrior he was, right up until the day he left this physical realm for something more beautiful. Cancer may have claimed his body but it did not conquer him and in his honor I will stand against this disease and all diseases every day that I live. Cancer is an enemy of humanity and together we should rise up and fight with the same bravery that my dad and your loved ones, too, stood or are standing against it. My dad had  the kindest heart in the world and has taught me to dream big in my life. It is my big dream that one day there will be no more need to fight cancer, that one day it will be eradicated from this earth."   

                                                                                                                          ~Darlene Franklin Campbell


Enid Ann Porter (nee Jones), 1914 - 2004. Mother of author Brian L Porter. She was a true soldier, who carried on with life, in spite of her struggles. She was brave and never complained. We honor you, Enid.


Charlene Hughes,SURVIVOR!  mother to ten, now grown children, has endured many heartaches and trials in her life.

She has overcome breast cancer, but is still battling the side effects. This woman is loved by many and is

so kind. She would give a stranger her last dollar. You are a wonderful mom and mamaw.  WE LOVE YOU!

Nancy Rose Akin, a daughter, mother, sister, wife, grandmother and friend, whose unyeilding kindness made a difference to everyone who knew her. She blessed family, friends and strangers alike. Her good, godly deeds are reaching into the coming generations. Nancy Rose, we honor you.


Sharon Pagent, my dear cousin and a fallen soldier in the battle against Luekemia at age 37, leaving behind five children and a legacy of love. We salute you, Sharon.


Rex Helm, my friend, husband to my cousin, a brother in spirit, who taught me to love the unlovely. Only Rex would rescue a possum and her babies, then nurse them to health before releasing them into the wild. He was a kind soul and a free spirit. We honor you, Rex.


Hynes Campbell, my father-in-law, thank you for your influence on my life. You were greater than prostate cancer and your legacy lives!


Marjorie Franklin--my aunt who left this world in 1992 after a brave battle with lung cancer. You are loved in this world, Aunt Marjorie and we honor you.


Judy Lefaivre-my friend and coworker. I miss you, Judy. But your spirit of love influences me on the job and I think of you so often. You blessed so many lives with your kindness and your witt. We love you, Judy.


Julie Brockman SURVIVOR!- Julie is an amazing person with so much energy and a passion to fight cancer. She tirelessly works to promote Relay for Life and champions the cause. I respect Julie and wish that I could do so much more to bring her the honor and credit she deserves. She is a general in this fight against cancer, a true champion and a hero to us all. We love you, Julie.


Francis 'Buddy' J. Leary IV - Buddy passed in 1991. He just made it to 30 years old. He battled a very rare brain cancer. Buddy was a brilliant man, and a musician and accomplished  artist. who was loving, caring, and always thought of others first. He has been dearly missed every day since he left this world.


Eugene Gould -  Gene bravely fought Liver Cancer for seven years. He was a fun loving intelligent man. He was best friends to his sister and her husband.  He was a strong military man who overcame so much in his life, only to lose his life to this hideous disease. He had an amazing sense of humor. We honor you, Eugene. You are a true champion who never surrendered, not even in the end.


Raven Franklin-My beautiful, brave niece, who has been battling lymphoma for a few months. She is a survivor. I love you, Raven. Keep flying high. As of spring 2012 Raven has no signs of lymphoma!