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"You can tell that Darlene Franklin-Campbell is a poet right from the get-go. Her descriptions are so evocative they just sing off the page. This bittersweet tale of a poor Kentucky family and their loves and losses is told by Nochipa (Chippie) whose father is Mexican and whose mother is white. Racial tensions from both within the family and in the wider community run high. But somehow the family survives and comes through it all despite the odds.


I Listened, Momma isn’t the sort of novel where everything is all tied up at the end with a pretty little bow. A cousin, Damien, is suspected of causing a death but escapes the justice he probably deserves. Central characters pass away. This isn’t a sugar-coated reality, but authentic and honest; something of a modern day Little Women.

If the quality of the story-telling alone wasn’t sufficient to persuade you that this book is worth buying, all author proceeds are being donated to Relay for Life in honour of her own father who is currently battling cancer."      

                                                               --- Kate Blackman Editorial Services



"With characters so real they seem to be made of breath and bone, Campbell draws us into the nucleus of this Appalachian family as if we are relatives. We feel their heartaches and yearn for their healing as though our own happiness depends on theirs. This is Southern fiction at its finest."
                         Sandra Kring, author The Book of Bright Ideas


"Darlene Campbell's I Listened Momma is a book like no other I've previously read. The story of Chippie and her family is a tear jerker all right, but also a book that speaks volumes about the love, the tenderness and the over-riding togetherness that binds a family together. I found myself becoming enmeshed in the everyday lives of the family so beautifully portrayed within the pages of this book. I simply had to know what would happen next as I read each page avidly until I found myself totally engrossed in the everyday lives, and the drams and traumas that affected them. I don't want to give the story away, that would lessen the impact that the book will surely create in its readers, but let me just say that if you want a book that will pull at your heart strings while at the same time giving you an uplifting experience that celebrates love and family, then this is the book for you. Darlene Campbell has also generously made sure that the proceeds of her book will go to help other sufferers from the blight of cancer, a disease that has such a devastating effect on so many lives. Five stars, without doubt! "

                                   Brian L Porter
                                   Author, A Study in Red - The Secret Journal of Jack the Ripper




"The dialect rings out of the hills and valleys, the sawmills and tobacco farms. It sings of God's love and the sorrow of loss. The soul of a people is absolutely laid bare."

                                 ---Brooks Carver, author of The Angel's Share